The HA1 is a fully discrete, two input Bi-Polar headphone amplifier.  The inputs are relay switched via a rear panel toggle switch and allows for standard RCA line level input with loop output, so you don’t loose an input, plus a dedicated MP3/iPod input on 3.5mm stereo jack. (trade marks acknowledged)

Designed to have a very low output impedance it uniquely features a fully regulated power supply which both lowers noise and increases the dynamic range.  The pre-amp section is now totally active with improved RF rejection. It will happily drive all known types of headphone with ease with its>1W maximum output into 32 Ohms. This is no standard headphone amplifier.

The headphone output jack is a professional quality 6.3mm 1/4” Neutrik type which will prove very robust over many years of use.

Now with a back lit blue LED display, this is a very modern and stylish product.

The sound quality is totally effortless with big out of the head imaging with clean clear fatigue free dynamics which creates a very musical performance that totally belies this diminutive box, this actually makes headphone listening enjoyable.

It has all the usual Edwards Audio styling and gold plated PCB’s but most importantly is also covered by our 10 year guarantee

With an incredible £279.95  UK price tag this is sure to upset more than a few apple carts.

Status:- Now in full production.




Max Input line


Max Input MP3




THD Distortion 20-20kHz


Signal to noise ratio

<-90dB A-Weighted

Frequency response 10-100kHz

within -3dB

Stereo separation

better than 75dB - 20-20kHz

Input Loading


Dynamic Range


Output impedance

<10 Ohms

Max output level

1W into 32 Ohms

Dimensions WxHxL

115mm x 47.5mm x 160mm



Power consumption


UK Typical Retail Price